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User Experience Researcher and Game Industry Expert


Dr. Stephanie Orme is a User Experience Researcher at Key Lime Interactive, where she uses user insights to help shape product design for the tech, media, healthcare, and financial services industries. 


She transitioned into UXR after 12 years working in higher ed. She continues to produce independent scholarship on the video game industry and gaming culture. Her research examines the global digital gaming industry and gaming culture as they intersect with gender, race, sexuality, class, and disability. She is interested in topics such as "gamer" identity, player psychology, and the business and social impacts of the live-streaming and esports industries. Her work has appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals and books.

She is a former Chair of the National Communication Association's Game Studies Division, and currently serves as a Board Member for the Esports Research Network and co-chair of the Games and Gaming minitrack and the Gamification minitrack at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICCS).

Dr. Orme is a regular speaker and panelist at education and games industry events, such as the Collegiate Esports EXPO, PAX East, BostonFIG, and collegiate esports workshops.

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