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Guest on the Psychology of Games podcast

My colleagues, Arienne Ferchaud and Emory Daniel Jr., and I had the pleasure of speaking with games psychology expert, Jamie Madigan, on his Psychology of Games podcast, where we discuss our work on moral decision making in video games. We chat about our current project that examines how video game spaces place unique demands on players that challenge some of the existing models for how audiences make moral decisions in other mediated contexts. Give it a listen here, and be sure to subscribe to Jamie's all-around great podcast!

While you're here, I'd also recommend checking out Jamie's book Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People Who Play Them. I adopted it as my course textbook when I taught Gaming and Interactive Media at Penn State, and it's one of the few course texts I've ever caught students reading outside of class! But honestly, it's an enjoyable-to-read, witty, and accessible intro to basic psychology and how it applies to gaming. 10/10!

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