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PAX East Recap + Panel stream

Now that I'm finally recovered from PAXEast, I am happy to say that this was my best PAX yet. This year, I was asked to speak on two panels at PAX, one on the Psychology of the Legend of Zelda, and the second on parasocial relationships with video game characters.

The Psychology of the Legend of Zelda panel was in conjunction with several fine folks who were part of the The Psychology of Zelda: Linking our World to the Legend of Zelda Series book written by some colleagues and (new) friends from clinical psychology! That panel was streamed and is now in the PAX Twitch archives. You can view the full video here!

The second panel, on parasocial relationships, was not streamed, unfortunately, but was also a huge success! We had great attendance and a lot of folks interested in chatting afterward. So THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to either/both panels!

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