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Talking parasocial interactions with the Guardians MH Podcast crew

My colleagues, Arienne Ferchaud (Florida State University) and Emory Daniel (Appalachian State University) sit down and chat with the gang over at the Guardians MH Podcast about parasocial interactions in streaming culture: why we develop attachments to streamers, and what happens when those attachments cross a boundary. You can check out the episode here!

Check out the awesome work that Guardians MH does for mental health in gaming, too! They're a 501(c)3 non-profit that offers mental health kits, a Discord with accessible mental health professionals and support and a real-time support bot, a mental health kit for streamers, and more! They're seriously rad. I'm a huge fan of the sensory adhesive strips that can be attached to your phone case, notebooks, etc. that came in my mental health kit!

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